Jan 15

A New Class Model

Title of the class: 100 level Beginning Mandarin Chinese

No prerequisite required

Number of students per class: minimum of 5

Date and Time: to be determined

2 hours once a month with 4 classes per semester

Students: Elementary and middle school age children will be separated.

Fee charged per semester: $25 registration fee + $100 per student

The focus of 100 level classes is pronunciation and listening. Students will access the videos on our YouTube channel: Yuwenbon. We will provide textbook and workbook for all registered students.  

The goal of the 100 level is to read and write the Mandarin Phonetic Symbols (MPS), recite rhymes, songs, and simple conversational phrases. There are reading tests to evaluate whether students are able to move up to the intermediate level.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpBPFSDrW3fG4TUikLapQrA

We have uploaded 34 videos of our beginner curriculum on YouTube. You are welcome to learn Chinese via those videos. Please go to our channel and choose playlist "Teachers' Recordings - Chinese Phonics". Students are also working on recording videos. We are very proud of them.

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Wanda Shaw